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    If you are a US vacationer and planning to go to the Alps this year then it is going to be really easy and simple for you. You can take the benefit of the tie up between the Finland based Think Electric Car manufacturer and the eco-tourism pioneer Alpmobil. This is going to be one of the best ways to assure less of a carbon footprint on the Alps and make it a completely carbon free zone.

    Think EVThe first trial that was a pilot was run through this month and it was successful. Seeing this the first phase of this project is going to have 60 Think City Eco friendly cars. These cars will be available to the tourist for hire for Euros 45 only per day. These are going to be stationed outside tourists hotels, and resorts. This will be marketed online by Alpmobil the company so that tourists can book these cars before they arrive at the Alps.

    There are several battery charging stopovers located all over the city so as to make it convenient for the tourists to go on to recharge them. This is an extremely fun and affordable way to travel around the Alps and at the same time ensures that you are able to use renewable electric source which is powered by hydroelectricity. If you are concerned about the planet then you will love this most unique and innovative of ways to travel around. This car, rightly called the City can travel as fast as up to 70 miles per hour. Once you have recharged it you will be able to travel 100 miles before you need to recharge it once more.

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  • 27Sep

    Trunk-Mounted Batteries Ford EVA study by University of California in Berkeley reveals that 64% of the chunk of electric vehicle sales in the near future will have the vehicle and the batteries being sold separately. The car and the battery that it will need will be treated as stand alone items.

    The proponents of the research see a direct correlation between consumer acceptance of electric vehicle technology and batteries being sold separately.

    At first look, consumer may be hesitant on buying a $15,000 battery pack with their vehicles. They might be thinking that the battery technology is not yet proven and it may have issues on longevity and durability. EV owners may also think that the car they purchased may not fit their need in the long run and will be a bit reluctant on getting the battery as part of the total cost.

    Car manufacturers looked into the study and are following what it suggests. Nissan is not yet decided if it will include the battery with their LEAF and considers leasing the battery as another product. Other major car makers have long decided that leasing the battery is the right way to go.

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