• 10Dec

    Consumers who want to try driving green cars should check out the per hour rental program of Hertz called Connect by Hertz. The car rental company foresees the curiosity of the driving public on plug-in vehicles and has included in their line-up the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Coda Sedan and the Smart ED.

    The plug-in vehicles can be rented starting December 15 in New York. The rental scheme of the green vehicles will soon be rolled out to San Francisco, Texas, Washington DC, and London by next year. Hertz is also studying the possibilities of extending the services to different colleges and universities in N. America and may be even in China by the last quarter of 2011.

    The process of renting a plug-in vehicle with Hertz is pretty simple but the number of green cars available is quite limited. Hertz is limiting the services to members only. Those who are interested can sign up via the website of Hertz. There is a variable fee collected for the membership. Upon payment, the members will be asked to submit some information. The rental agency will contact the member for availability of the vehicles.

    Slots are expected to fill up quickly since Hertz will only have 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2011 with only 20 cars joining the program by midyear. Book asap if you want to try these green cars.

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  • 29Apr

    CNG Hybrid SchemaDuring the recent 2010 SAE World Congress, researchers presented a paper on the optimization of a natural-gas engine for a parallel hybrid powertrain. According to the study, this is possible by using an oversized turbocharger with and active waste gate control and an EGR. The study was made by the University of Strutgard’s Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering.

    Moves to optimize the CNG-fueled spark injection for the parallel hybrid powertrain can be traced back to the year 2006. During the latter part of the year, IVK, FKFS, Robert Bosch, and Opel were already collaborating on a natural gas hybrid vehicle project. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

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  • 11Jul

    Carbonated drink giant, Coca-cola Enterprises (CCE), has recently announcedCoca Cola Hybrid Truck that they are set to added more than double of their present hybrid electric delivery trucks. The company is reported to hold a 142 trucks. With the addition of 185 new hybrids, the CCE is now holds the larget hybrid fleet in the whole of North America.

    Adding to the upgrading of their vehicles, CCE also said that they now have a heavier duty hybrid tractor. The said vehicle is aimed at supporting a 55,000 lbs gross vehicle combination weight. The said innovation is a welcome development for the company’s 33,000 lbs gross vehicle weight.

    CCE’s newest truck is designed with a hybrid powertrain for heavier loads. The new hybrid tractor is also in line with CCE’s campaign toward less energy consumption. The new truck is said to consume 305%less fuel that that of its old counterparts. CCE officials also said that the truck is said to produce 30% less of their old hybrid truck’s emissions.

    The popular beverage company is not entirely new to the hybrid campaign. CCE has, in fact, started their research for hybrid trucks since 2001. The company has partnered with their suppliers in the search for hybrid electric trucks.

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