• 07Mar

    2014-ford-fiestaThe Ford EcoBoost engines boast of performance and excellent fuel efficiency but the line of powerplants is bringing more into the picture. Since its introduction almost four years ago, the American brand has delivered about 530,000 vehicles with EcoBoost engines. Ford is said to invest more to meet the demand for these vehicles.

    According to recent reports, Ford will be pouring in a lot of money to prep up two factories in Ohio and even hire more employees. While the EcoBoost rides are a bit more expensive than their more conventional siblings, they have become very popular.

    The EcoBoost engines are fitted into almost everything like the upcoming Ford Fiesta, the Ford Fusion, and even the F-150 pickup truck.

    In a market ruled by V8′s, Ford’s greener pickup trucks are making heads turn. In the U.S., the company has delivered around 280,000 units of the F-150 with an turbocharged EcoBoost engine under its hood.

    Ford is actually selling the EcoBoost F-150s higher than they ever projected. The brand is actually selling more of these pick-up trucks in a month than what they thought they can get rid of in a year. The carmaker is set to offer an EcoBoost F-150 with a smaller displacement for its 2015MY.

    Ford will also tap its facilities in Cleveland to generate more jobs and also manage the demand for the F150 in the U.S. and Europe. The EcoBoost sales in Europe is expected to hit more than 480,000 come 2015.

    This also shows a clear trend in the automotive market. It is clear that these turbocharged gas engines are less efficient than the hybrid or diesel vehicles but they are more appealing to customers for their stronger performance and somehow adequate efficiency.

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