• 01Dec

    If you are a US vacationer and planning to go to the Alps this year then it is going to be really easy and simple for you. You can take the benefit of the tie up between the Finland based Think Electric Car manufacturer and the eco-tourism pioneer Alpmobil. This is going to be one of the best ways to assure less of a carbon footprint on the Alps and make it a completely carbon free zone.

    Think EVThe first trial that was a pilot was run through this month and it was successful. Seeing this the first phase of this project is going to have 60 Think City Eco friendly cars. These cars will be available to the tourist for hire for Euros 45 only per day. These are going to be stationed outside tourists hotels, and resorts. This will be marketed online by Alpmobil the company so that tourists can book these cars before they arrive at the Alps.

    There are several battery charging stopovers located all over the city so as to make it convenient for the tourists to go on to recharge them. This is an extremely fun and affordable way to travel around the Alps and at the same time ensures that you are able to use renewable electric source which is powered by hydroelectricity. If you are concerned about the planet then you will love this most unique and innovative of ways to travel around. This car, rightly called the City can travel as fast as up to 70 miles per hour. Once you have recharged it you will be able to travel 100 miles before you need to recharge it once more.

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  • 16Mar

    jatropha AFEXProf. Bruce Dale of Michigan State University patented a pre-treatment process called AFEX (Ammonia Fiber Expansion). AFEX can trim down the cost of fermenting cellulosic biomass to ethanol by reducing the processing procedures and eradicating the need to add supplements to aid the fermentation.

    AFEX pretreatment process utilizes ammonia to make the separation of cellulose and hemicellulose in plants 75% more efficient. The cellulose in plants, once extracted and broken down into sugars, can be transformed into biofuel.

    When a cellulosic material is treated with AFEX, it doesn’t need any washing or detoxification. This allows ethanol to be produced from cellulose without added supplements or procedures to aid the fermentation.

    The AFEX process is functioning under moderately mild condition. The biomass is heated at 100 degrees Centigrade with concentrated ammonia. Brisk pressure release aids the process. As a result, 99% of the ammonia is retrieved and recycled. This process decrystallizes cellulose, depolymerizes hemicellulose and remove lignin from it. AFEX decreases breaking down of the sugar in the biomass.

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  • 15Jan

    Detroit Auto Show organizers have reserved a 70000 square foot test track so car lovers and journalist can experience first hand the EcoExperience new ride and drive sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

    The track is located at the Michigan Hall at the lower level of the Cobo Center. Around 12 vehicles are available for journalists during the press preview and the public during regular exhibition day.

    According to organizers the annual car show is the perfect venue to display the future and developments in the auto industry. Aside from consumers about 6000 journalists from all over the globe attend the event.

    A lot of electric, hybrid, and concept cars will be in the block with the new releases of the major car makers. Displaying the next generation mode of transportation, that is being more conscious about the environment and efficient, is the focus of most players of the auto industry. According to organizers, this just shows that the auto industry is heading the right direction amid the global financial crisis.

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  • 14Dec

    There is no way that water can harm the ecology and the environment of the plant. This is what a car driven by fuel cells emits. These care are the best means of protecting the environment and they are light on the pocket too. Just compare the costs of the traditional fuel that you use to run your car and then check out the costs of running the same car using fuel cells and you will be amazed at the savings that you are able to obtain.

    It is hence not a surprise that most car manufacturers from all parts of the globe are going in for fuel cells driven cars. It is the car of the future and one day all cars around the world will be driven by such cars. The drivers of such cars are a happy lot too and they know how they are helping to protect the ecology of the plant by helping to nullify the emission of CO2 gases that are polluting the environment of the plant earth.

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  • 09Nov

    Are you prepared for the worst? The oil producing countries are already producing the peal oil production and the days are not far away when they shall be forced to curtail their peak oil producing limits in order to ensure that the oil wells just doe not dry out quickly. And what if the natural oil resources of the world gets exhausted before we have a chance to produce and test thoroughly the other fuels and other forms of energy.

    It is a bleak scene where all cars will come to a standstill and there will be no cars running. Not just that, there will be many current generating power plants that are dependant on natural oil, and they too will be forced to shut down, leading to a blackout in most parts of the world. This can be prevented by the increase in number of cars that run on alternative car fuels.

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  • 15Oct

    solartaxiIndeed, it has been a long, arduous road for Louis Palmer’s Solartaxi from the first conceptual drawing in 1986 until the realization of an actual vehicle complete with sponsor in 2007. The car is not only the symbol of one man’s challenge to help the environment, it is also the message carrier apprising others of the dangers to the planet, making them aware that alternative fuel sources must be developed, embraced and encouraged to become everyday parts of our lives. Solar Powered Cars are great, and might be part of the BIG solution…

    A sharp looking automobile resembling something from futuristic movies, the car is powered on solar energy and is making its way throughout various countries around the globe offering information on the effects of fossil fuels. With the emission of CO2 abnormally accelerated by the world’s reliance on crude oil, natural gas, coal and the destruction of forests, we are reaching crisis proportions. It is now necessary to develop alternative fuels for vehicles either by creating another form of gasoline such as pure ethanol or by other means entirely including wind, solar and electric energy.

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  • 07Sep

    Dictionary meanings of words are not necessarily the generally accepted nuances of the words or phrases. Take the words “sustainable energy” and “alternative fuels”. Used almost interchangeably to mean fuels that will sustain the earth and not destroy it, green groups feel that any other meanings are not valid. And their theory was put to the test earlier this summer when they lodged a complaint against Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

    Apparently Shell launched an advertising campaign whereby they claimed “the challenge of the 21st century is to meet the growing need for energy in ways that are not only profitable but sustainable”. The full page ad was promoting Shell’s exploration in Canada’s tar sands and production of synthetic oil as well as their plans to build the US’ largest oil refinery in Texas.

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