• 19Aug

    According to a press release issued by the state government of Virginia, an executive order was signed by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell urging everyone to resort to using natural gas, alternative fuel and/or electrical vehicles. The news was deemed as bold and almost unexpected.

    The replacement of conventional vehicles with alternative fuel and/or electric vehicles will be done by the Virginia Office of Fleet Management Services whose office has been overlooking the operations of about 4,000 passenger vehicles. These 4,000 conventional vehicles are being uses by over 175 agencies and institutions across the state.

    According to the executive order, the state is adamant in pursuing cost-effective and practical options to pursue, promote, and encourage the usage of alternative-fuel and/or electric vehicles. Moreover, Governor McDonell expressed that the move to resort to unconventional vehicles will largely decrease the long-standing dependence on foreign oil.

    Relatively, the use of alternative-fuel/electric vehicles will create jobs in the Commonwealth and expand local businesses in the private sector. Lastly, this alternate fuel move will also give the Commonwealth the biggest chance to meet its goals.

    More and more cities/states are seeing the benefits and practical sense of using alternative-fuel/electric vehicles.

    Likewise, more and more car companies are participating in the assessment programs done in various cities all over the world to see how electric vehicles will par in everyday life. The use of such will also help in cleaning up the environment. It wouldn’t come as a surprise when one day, all of the public passenger vehicles will be powered with alternate fuel.

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