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    The Canadian government is allotting around C$5 million for a project that will study the large scale production of fuels from algae that grows in its province of Nova Scotia.

    The Minister for Science and Technology announced the funding during the launch of the project held at the Institute for Marine Biosciences of the National Research Council.

    Other organizations and industrial partners are also pouring financial support amounting to about C$1.2M plus some help in kind.

    The initial stage of the project involves making a cultivation plant with a capacity of 50,000 liters along the Ketch Harbour. The algae will rely on carbon dioxide from combustion of fossil fuel to aid its growth.

    Carbon2Algae, an industrial partner of the project, plants to setup photobioreactors of algae to capture the CO2 expelled by powerplants in Alberta which will allow the local algae to thrive.

    In the future, it will be possible to operate an algae facility next to a generating plant using fossil fuel. The short term goal of the researchers will be to find the best species of algae that will be optimal for biofuel production.

    Researchers in Nova Scotia have been growing and studying algae for more than five decades now. At the moment, they are looking into 64 species of algae which have already been collected. Twenty four of the specimens are being cultivated while six of these are under intensive scrutiny because of their impressive oil yields.

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