• 31Jan

    CPT Electric SuperchargerIf you are following developments in the auto industry, you are not new to electric and hybrid vehicles being developed by car makers all over the globe. These vehicles make use of electric motors alone or in combination with a typical combustion engine to propel the car on the road.

    Controlled Power Technologies, a company in the United Kingdom was able to find a way to harness electricity and use it to run a supercharger that can help improve the performance of combustion engines and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

    CPT was able to build VTES or Variable Torque Enhanced Systems. This is the electrically run supercharger which is an enhancement of conventional superchargers that uses belts connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle’s engine to save fuel during heavier power demands. They were able to demonstrate that the VTES reduces the emission of the combustion engine and make it as efficient as diesel engines.

    CPT collaborated with a German company that develops vehicle power trains. They paired the turbocharger with a demo unit of the Volkswagen Passat and were able to plot impressive results. A standard VW Passat with the same configuration gives off 194g/km of carbon dioxide while the one which used the electric supercharger recorded 159 g/km.

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