• 15Oct

    solartaxiIndeed, it has been a long, arduous road for Louis Palmer’s Solartaxi from the first conceptual drawing in 1986 until the realization of an actual vehicle complete with sponsor in 2007. The car is not only the symbol of one man’s challenge to help the environment, it is also the message carrier apprising others of the dangers to the planet, making them aware that alternative fuel sources must be developed, embraced and encouraged to become everyday parts of our lives. Solar Powered Cars are great, and might be part of the BIG solution…

    A sharp looking automobile resembling something from futuristic movies, the car is powered on solar energy and is making its way throughout various countries around the globe offering information on the effects of fossil fuels. With the emission of CO2 abnormally accelerated by the world’s reliance on crude oil, natural gas, coal and the destruction of forests, we are reaching crisis proportions. It is now necessary to develop alternative fuels for vehicles either by creating another form of gasoline such as pure ethanol or by other means entirely including wind, solar and electric energy.

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  • 03Oct

    I used to think the MINI and the VW Bug were the cutest cars on the road. A little too small for my liking but serviceable, reliable and gas efficient nonetheless. And now a newer, tinier car boasting environmental cleanliness has entered the market becoming more important as the topic of alternative fuels heats up. Named the Tango, this model is not actually new as George Clooney is reported to have purchased one as early as 2005, the vehicle is powered electrically rather than on gas.

    A comical looking car, it has been described as a bobsled on wheels. In fact, the passenger sits behind the driver. If one requires added storage space the rear seat removes leaving space for a couple suitcases. Believe it or not, the Tango is actually six inches less wide than the average motorcycle. Not only does it reduce dangerous emissions, it also reduces congestion as four cars can fit in one parallel parking spot and two ride in a traditional roadway lane. Continue reading »