• 30Sep

    According to press releases issued by both Michelin, the well known tire company, and Venturi Automobiles, the French eco-friendly car manufacturer, they have joined forces to build and show a new alternative fuel sourced vehicle at this week’s Paris Motor Show from October 2 to October 19. The joint venture automobile is considered a new-generation electric car with technologically advanced features far exceeding today’s standards.

    Venturi Fetish

    Venturi Automobiles are known for their leadership in renewable energy cars and have been producing superior electric vehicles since 2001. Classified as energy-autonomous, the Eclectic was the first dually powered solar-electric vehicle. Not only is this car complemented by the use of electricity for recharging, it can also be charged and powered by both solar energy and wind turbines.

    Venturi Fetish

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  • 18Sep

    The Honda FCX is great, and Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May seem to agree (which is pretty sick isn’t it?). They all understand Hydrogen cars are a big thing for the future and as always, Honda is on top of their game…

    Looking forward to this one myself.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Big thank you to the BBC and Top Gear.

  • 07Sep

    Dictionary meanings of words are not necessarily the generally accepted nuances of the words or phrases. Take the words “sustainable energy” and “alternative fuels”. Used almost interchangeably to mean fuels that will sustain the earth and not destroy it, green groups feel that any other meanings are not valid. And their theory was put to the test earlier this summer when they lodged a complaint against Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

    Apparently Shell launched an advertising campaign whereby they claimed “the challenge of the 21st century is to meet the growing need for energy in ways that are not only profitable but sustainable”. The full page ad was promoting Shell’s exploration in Canada’s tar sands and production of synthetic oil as well as their plans to build the US’ largest oil refinery in Texas.

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